Whale Watching off Loreto Baja California Sur

The Sea of Cortez is right in front of Loreto. Our water is visited by blue whales, fin whales, humpbacks, killer whales, pilot whales, sperm whales and more.

Mexico’s Sea of Cortez has been known throughout the world as “The World’s Aquarium”. Jacques Costeau originally gave our sea this name because it serves as a nursery for so many marine species. One of the main attractions to Loreto is observing the greatest of whales. (more info. below the video)

The video above was shot by an amateur photographer, using a regular digital camera. It was a 6.0 mega pixel Cannon Power Shot in auto video mode. The camera no longer works by the way, it died of old age after many years of use.

Two of the whale species in the video, the humpbacks and the fins, were shot on the same excursion. We also saw a blue whale that same day but it never showed its fluke (tail). The blue whale in the video was seen farther North. Click on this map to see where the whales in the film were seen.

I have since bought a Nikon with better quality optics and resolution and I’m looking forward to making more whale videos this season. There are many opportunities to see whales up close and personal like this in Loreto and for observers to make their own video masterpieces. Of course you can just sit back and enjoy these beautiful animals too.

Loreto offers magnificent opportunities to view Great Whales. Loreto is a world-class blue whale observation destination.

Flucas the Female Blue Whale with Enzl
When the topic of whale watching comes up, most people think of the California Grey Whales which calve in the protected lagoons of the Pacific located in the Western portion of our state. Whale watching off Loreto takes place outside Loreto, in the Sea of Cortez. The back drop of the islands and high desert mountains makes for spectacular surroundings to experience the greatness of earth’s largest creatures. A late winter/early spring visit to Loreto will allow for the serious whale watcher to experience both types of whale excursions. There are many outfitters that coordinate trips to the Pacific side of the peninsula for Grey Whales, we limit ourselves to whale excursions off Loreto.

After our training sessions in the various aspects of professional whale observation, we proudly offer Great Whale Watching Excursions. Our 18 years of experience operating pangas at Loreto, will guarantee that your trip will be hassle-free and filled with great memories.

We’re ready to take your reservation for February and March 2017 Whale Watching Excursions

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