Whale Watching Excursion Rates in Mexican Pesos:

$6,600 pesos for two persons
$7200 pesos for three persons
$7,900 pesos for four persons

please see the complete rate table here

Here are the above rates converted to your currency ==>>
* For informational purposes only. Exchange rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates.

Rates converted to US Dollars-
6,600 MXN converts to 355 USD
7,200 MXN converts to 388 USD
7,900 MXN converts to 425 USD
Rates converted to Euros-
6,600 MXN converts to 289 EUR
7,200 MXN converts to 315 EUR
7,900 MXN converts to 346 EUR
Rates converted to British Pound Sterling-
6,600 MXN converts to 254 GBP
7,200 MXN converts to 277 GBP
7,900 MXN converts to 304 GBP
Rates converted to Canadian Dollars-
6,600 MXN converts to 451 CAD
7,200 MXN converts to 492 CAD
7,900 MXN converts to 540 CAD
Rates converted to Japanese Yen-
6,600 MXN converts to 37,938 JPY
7,200 MXN converts to 41,387 JPY
7,900 MXN converts to 45,411 JPY
Rates converted to Swiss Franc-
6,600 MXN converts to 332 CHF
7,200 MXN converts to 363 CHF
7,900 MXN converts to 398 CHF
Rates converted to Chinese Yuan-
6,600 MXN converts to 2,252 CNY
7,200 MXN converts to 2,456 CNY
7,900 MXN converts to 2,695 CNY
Rates converted to New Zeland Dollars-
6,600 NZD converts to 4,813 USD
7,200 NZD converts to 5,251 USD
7,900 NZD converts to 5,762 USD
Rates converted to Australian Dollars-
6,600 NZD converts to 6,152 AUD
7,200 NZD converts to 6,712 AUD
7,900 NZD converts to 7,364 AUD

Where do the exchange rates come from?

The European Central Bank (ECB) daily publishes “foreign exchange reference rates” against more than 30 other currencies. These dynamic rates are used by the program code that publishes this page. The rates above are published for informational purposes only and exact exchange rates will vary.

source- http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/ for more information.

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